Veenendaal-oost general information


Veenendaal-oost is a new, high-quality housing development, East of the city of Veenendaal and centrally located in The Netherlands. Within 10 minutes by bicycle or a few minutes by car you reach the centre of Veenendaal, which offers an extensive range of shops, stores, pubs and restaurants. In total approximately 3.000 houses and apartments will be built in Veenendaal-oost.

Living in Veenendaal-oost also means living close to nature, with the recreational green surroundings of “De Groene Grens” almost next door. Here you can walk, jog, play with your kids and enjoy the natural beauty of the different seasons.

General information
In 2010 the first inhabitants of Veenendaal-oost moved into their homes.  Since then the area has expanded and today over 1.000 houses have been built. The people living there are happy within their homes and in their surroundings.

Veenendaal-oost consists of 3 area’s:

Buurtstede – the central area of Veenendaal-oost, offering all kinds of facilities such as for instance schools, a supermarket, sports, a medical centre, church and a restaurant/take-out. There are several public spaces with playgrounds, especially designed for and with help from the local children. Around 1.100 houses will be built in Buurtstede, of which the majority has been realised.

Veenderij – the Southern part of Veenendaal-oost. The development of this area started in 2016 and offers housing on different ‘residential islands’. In total around 1.000 houses are being built here. Early 2021 we started developing the last few islands.

Groenpoort – the Northern part of Veenendaal-oost. Development of this area of approx. 950 houses/appartments will start as soon as Veenderij has been completed.

Living in Veenderij
Veenderij is where it happens right now! Some of the islands have been lived on for a while, new projects are being built and the development of the last few islands is being prepared by the developers. So if you are interested in a beautiful new home, close to the city and nature, come and visit our “i-centrum” (information centre).

Website & newsletter
Our website contains a lot of information, although in Dutch.  With our newsletter we keep our visitors up to date on the latest projects and other news. Just fill in your mail-address on our website and you will receive the latest news in your mailbox! Should you have questions, please send us an email and we will get back to you.

Information – visit our information centre!
Our information centre is the place to be, if you are looking for information on housing in the Food Valley area. The i-centrum is located at the entrance of Veenendaal-oost on 1, Van Essenlaan, Veenendaal. It’s just a few minutes from the A12 motorway, exit 23A (direction Rhenen, Veenendaal).

As of Januari 2021 our opening hours are: wednesday – friday 10.00 – 15.00 hrs. To visit us at other times, please call us on +31 318 549060 to make an appointment.

You can plan your visit via the planning tool on the bottom right of every page on this website.